ses601 6.6 - Your Tanks
User ses601
Size 6.6
Date Started 12/27/12
Lighting standard 21 led, 7600K
Equipment fluval edge, standard hob filter, no heat
CO2 none
Substrate fluval shrimp substrate
Parameters never know, never will :)
Fertilization fish waste
Plants anubias, dwarf hair grass, sag chilensis
Inhabitants 1 oto, 3 blue het rasbora, 6 fire red cherries
Profile Views 699
IMG_1735_zps84aa63d0.jpg edge6.9.13.jpg
Algae Grower
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Love the layout
Algae Grower
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thanks! i had some trouble with the right side :/ i need to update the pic as soon as i have some time
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