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User Sagat
Size 20G long
Date Started 12/21/12
Lighting Coralife Aqualight T5 30" (6500K / 10000K )
Equipment Aquaclear 20
Substrate Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix -- Pool Filter Sand
Parameters pH: 7.5 GH: 30 KH: 40 NH3: 0 NO2: 0 NO3: 0
Plants [Stem plants] Hygrophilia difformis (wisteria) -- Egeria najas (narrow leaf elodea) -- Rotala rotundifolia [Rosette plants] Cryptocoryne wendtii -- Cryptocoryne crispatula -- Echinodorus tenellus (pygmy chain sword) -- Echinodrous parviflorus (dwarf rosette sword) -- [Floating plants] Ceratopteris thalictroides (water sprite) -- Cladophora aegagropila (marimo ball) -- Salvinia Minima (water spangles) -- Microsorium pteropus (java fern - windelov) -- Taxiphyllum barbieri (java moss) --
Inhabitants Malaysian Trumpet Snails -- Assassin snails (3) -- Otocinclus (4) -- Harlequin Rasboras (3) -- Betta splendens (1)
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