Scottio 20L - Your Tanks
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User Scottio
Size 20L
Date Started 07/13/07
Lighting 55x2 9325k GE, AH Supply Kit
Equipment Eheim 2213
CO2 Pressurized DIY Venturi reactor, Rhinox 1000
Substrate ADA AS Amazonia
Fertilization Customized EI, TPN trace
Plants B. japonica, E. parvula, H. callitrichoides, H. micranthemoides, H. zosterifolia, L. inclinata 'cuba', P. gayi, P. halferi, R. rotundifolia,
Inhabitants Fire Barbs, S. nigriventus, Rummynose tetra, wt Cherry shrimp, Native Hawaiian Opa'e 'Ula shrimp
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very nice! I like your scape....itresting subject! Thanks for sharing!
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