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User ih8paper
Size 30g bowfront
Date Started Running-01/2012 & Planted 12/2012
Lighting Aqueon t5no 28w
Equipment Aquatop cf300 canister.
CO2 Aquatek mini co2 reg. 20oz tank. Up-aqua diffuser.
Substrate Fluval stratum capped with Tahitian moon sand/fine gravel mix.
Fertilization Pfertz high tech line. N,P,K,micros, and root tabs.
Plants Java fern, java moss, crypt wendtii, crypt parva, wisteria, red lotus, Windelov fern, ludwigia repens, Staurogyne repens, dwarf sag, random bulb lily, Italian Val, ozelot sword, anubias congesis, helanthium tenellum, echinodorus tenellus, ranunculus inundatus, persicaria Kawagoeanum
Inhabitants One male Betta, one male dwarf gourami, one red-tail botia, three gold laser corys, 6 white clouds, apple snail, tiger Nerite, several olive nerites, few grass shrimp, and random RCS culls from other tanks.
Comments Tried an experiment with this tank. Started tank and ran for a year without plants. Ran a single t-8 for the year unplanted, never got the slightest algae bloom, now tank is mature and has been planted, no algae. Tank is med light, high tech and plants are running strong.
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