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User Ghost
Size 20 gallon long
Date Started April 19th 2007
Lighting UVB/UVA bulb Flukers 75 Watt heat lamp
Equipment 10 Gal Whisper Internal UGF w/ Aquaclear Powerhead
Substrate natural gravel
Parameters pH: 7.6 Nitrate: 10ppm Nitrite: .25ppm hardness: 80ppm alkalinity: 7.2ppm
Plants Anacharis Hornwort
Inhabitants 1x Spotted Turtle 4x Ghost Shrimp
Comments My first planted setup. Let me know what you think.
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i shrimp
Algae Grower
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I think you should add more water to your tank. I cant see any of your plant from the photo. And it doesnt look like a planted tank to me.
Algae Grower
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You should get some plants that will grow from the gravel out of the water (I believe they are called emmersed/emersed?)- I think that would be cool. Also, it'd be neat if you got a little more water and you could put in some feeder guppies and watch the turtle chase them around.
The Exiled
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I also feel this tank could use some plants growing out of the water, I do like the rock and general layout, but it looks like it needs something.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Hmmm, I had a turtle for a few years. They are wonderful pets with proper care. I would recommend higher lighting, deeper water and some more plants. Maybe frogbit (a floating plant), java moss, and some hornwort? I know turtles/terrapins like your spotted will eat most plants. Anyways, higher lighting. I would go with a cheap set of T5HO 24-48 watts, it works great for both plants and reptiles. And ultimately you will need a larger tank, spotted turtles get quite large and unruly. They also love to mill around in the dirt. I would try to create some sort of land area for him to crawl around on. Good luck. :)
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