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User Thamizhandaa...
Size 24 gal 'high'
Date Started Someday on Sep 2011
Lighting 2x25w CFL, each on both sides
Equipment HOB filter - 700lph (Boyu, i think)
Substrate Clay from nearby irrrigation canal - 0.5inches, topped by River sand - 0.5inches.
Parameters Only God knows...!!!
Fertilization Fish Poop!!!
Plants Amazon Sword, some kinda Crypt, Cabombo, Some grass plants, Marselia from our paddy field, an unkown plant, few other species collected from nearby canal. 1 Driftwood & some Laterite Rocks.
Inhabitants Paradise fish-1, Male Dwarf Gaurami-1, Yellow Sailfin Molly-1, Native barbs caught in the nearby river-2, Guppy pairs-15+, Ramshorn & Trumpet Snails-100+.
Comments I haven't added any kinda artificial CO2 stuff. Simply, I have overstocked my tank population which will give out more CO2, which the plants can make use of. Also, sorry for the poor image taken with my Nokia E63.
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Nice setup. I have an empty 30 gallon that I'd like to set up with a natural balance like this.
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