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User Lupine
Size 10 g
Date Started uhhh.... sometime in 2004, I think
Lighting 18" T-5 "Flora Sun"
Equipment hang-on filter, air stone
CO2 No
Substrate Gravel
Parameters Well water (very hard, high pH), undetectable NH4, 68˚F (no heater)
Fertilization Florin-Fe
Plants Ceratophyllum submersum, Ceratopteris thalictroides, Taxiphyllum barbieri, a Marimo ball and ?
Inhabitants 5 Japan Blue guppies + fry, 3 oto cats, 2 Celestial Pearl Danios, tons of blue and pink ramshorn snails
Comments um, I need to put the sponge back on the filter intake...I've been rearranging things in there...not finished yet!
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Don't Otos need much warmer water than 68F? I would suggest that you try to clean off some of the water drips from your glass -- using vinegar could help with that. Like the soft feathery hornwort. Makes a nice floating canopy. Fish are colorful. Are those your hands and fingers I see in the background?
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the oto's are doing well, they seem to be very adaptable, I have them in most of my tanks. I totally should've cleaned the glass before taking pictures, guess I got a little excited about my newly added guppies! The glass was spotted because I had been messing around in the tank off and on rearranging things. And lastly, yes you see the reflection of my hands and camera. the tank has no background because it is viewable from both sides.
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