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User chunkychun
Size 3 gallon
Date Started 12/12
Lighting CFL 13 watts
Equipment Mr. Aqua 3 gallon bow tank sponge filter
CO2 none
Substrate Flourite sand with liquid leonardite with some lava rock and topped with aquasoil new amazonian
Fertilization due to some defiencies, i have been adding a pinch of n,p,k once a week.
Plants staurogyne repens, bacopa caroliniana, bacopa madagascariensis, bacopa lanigera, fissidens,Alternanthera Reineckii Mini and cryptocoryne petchii pink
Inhabitants 1 least killifish, 3 dwarf cories, 5 chili rasboras and many yellow shrimp
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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Love the plants growing out of the top!
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