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User CLAndrews
Size 100 gallon
Date Started 06/2012
Lighting Six AquaRay LED GroBeam 500 (72 watts) w/ controller
Equipment Fluval FX5 filter... JBJ Digital Controller w/500 watt heater..
CO2 Milwaukee SMS122 pH Monitor / Controller... Sera CO2 Active Reactor 500... 2/13/13 added modified 24" protein skimmer, being used as reactor.(gotta get 30 ppm!)
Substrate Black sand with Flourish root tabs.
Parameters pH/6.0(7.0 baseline)...GH/4...KH/4...NO3/10 ppm...Temp/77F... Using RODI water only(at this time).
Fertilization 1/3/13-Started the EI method. 1/12/13-seeing a lot of new plant growth and my first flower. 2/13/13 Reduced EI by about 2/3 the dose.(ppm way too high for me).
Plants Tank full at this time.
Inhabitants Ottos....Platies....SAE's....Cories....Neon's 11/18/12 platies started having babies(I need more NO3 anyways).
Comments I'm having a lot of fun with this tank. No major algae outbreaks yet
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