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User flamingo
Size 65g
Date Started
Lighting NO Flourescents.
Equipment HOB Emperor 450 without bio-wheels. Two in-tank heaters, and one "reptile heating pad" for substrate heating.
CO2 Simple DIY Yeast co2 Injection.
Substrate A mix of Flourite and light river gravel from PetsMart.
Parameters Ammonia, and Nitrites at 0. Nitrates slightly noticable due to fish kept.
Fertilization None ATM.
Plants Jungle Vallisneria, Java Moss, Java Fern (windolev, etc.) Hygrophilia polysperma, Mother Lily Bulbs, and Various others.
Inhabitants Switched from a Smallmouth bass, to One Juvenile Shortnose Gar, a Small AT Datnoid, Tadpole Madtom, and a small Pumpkinseed.
Comments My first attempt at a "true" planted tank. Set-up on a very small budget, looks somewhat different now. Has gone through various stages. Once dedicated to a bass, then to a school of shiners and juvenile bowfin, and now mainly there for a growout tank. Being "redone" soon in an oddball community tank.
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Cool tank.and some fish facts.Tadpole madtom: "madtom" refers to this little catfish's habit of sticking people's fingers with their poisonous spines. Yikes, I hope it's not one of those. The gar Adult Size: Typically 16-25 inches long, can reach over 30 inches. Usually weighs 1-3 pounds, can reach 5 pounds. Pumpkinseed usually get about 6-8 inches.
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