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User chocgourami
Size 18 litres
Date Started 2011 - revamped on 20 October 2012
Lighting 2x8W T5 Sun Tube, only 1 light is used alternately
Equipment Hanging filter 250l/h, set to medium-low
Substrate Inert
Fertilization JBL 7 Kugeln Balls
Plants Nymphaea zenkeri Aponogeton madagascariensis
Inhabitants 1 fat oto, 2 amano shrimps, 2 chocolate gouramis, 4 dwarf rasboras, 4 dwarf coris, 5 ember tetras, a few golden tetras
Comments Mopani driftwood. Sera Phosvec Granulat to remove phospate and fight algae. CYCLOP-EEZEŽ, flakes, sinking algae wafers, and occasional adult and baby brine shrimps.
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