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User Lfisher
Size 33 Gallon long
Date Started 1/1/12
Lighting T5x3 fixture w/ 1 6500k & 1 pink bulb for 4 hours; 1 6500k for 4 hours for a total of 8 hours.
Equipment Marina slim filter S20 x2 soon to be replaced w/ a cascade 1200 canister filter
CO2 pressurized, 1bps
Substrate Flourite
Fertilization Was dosing EI, but became frustrated and convinced that it didn't make a difference based on the small amount of green spot algae that I could not eradicate.. so I stopped fertilizing and now have a shmorgisborgh of green spot, black beard and countless other algae.
Plants Crypts, anubias, duckweed.. i think that's all?
Inhabitants 4 german blue rams, 6-10 endler's livebearers + 10-15 ender fry, 1 nerite
Comments Planning to upgrade this tank to another 55 gallon, most likely heavily planted but w/o as high wpg
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Need bigger picture but I can tell it's nice!
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