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Size 5.5 gallons
Date Started January, 2012
Lighting 14w CFL bulb (60w equivalent?) in a reflector dome.
Equipment Aquaclear 20
Substrate "Cherokee" gravel
Fertilization Seachem Flourish, Excel
Plants Java moss, Bacopa, narrow leaf chain sword, crypt parva, dwarf baby tears
Inhabitants 1x Long-finned blue danio, 2x green glofish, 1x Rili shrimp, ?? red cherry shrimp, 3x Amano shrimp, 2x Zebra Nerite snails, 1x Tiger Nerite snail, ?? ramshorn snails, various guppies and platy fry
Comments Currently using it to grow out some guppy/platy fry since the shrimp aren't really working out. Picture is older, will update later.
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