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User ZanderSkuby
Size 40 Gallon
Date Started August, 2012
Lighting Two t5 HO Florescent bulbs. Plant growth
Equipment Hanging filter, 40g heater, 10lb Co2 tank,
CO2 10lb tank, at 1-2 bubbles a second daily from a disk diffuser. aeration at night
Substrate Mature gravel.
Parameters 6.5ph 78 degrees f
Fertilization 3ml Enriched iron, 4ml Potassium supplementation every morning.
Plants Polygonum Sp, cryptocoryne, Java moss, Java Fern, Anubias
Inhabitants 2 Roseline sharks, 4 Ottocinclus, 6 Harlequin Rasbora
Comments I'll have my 65 gal in a few weeks! gonna get down to some serious aquascaping.
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What are the dimensions on this tank? I like it! :)
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