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Size JUWEL 180 LITRES 40 gallons
Date Started 1 nov 2012
Lighting experiment tank i am using 4 x 10w led floodlights 6500k , cost 40 , for planted led aquarium lights that is cheap i will see what happens to plants over time
Equipment ehiem filter built in heater
CO2 diy injected via a power head 1 bubble a second and to keep levels up i also use a tetra co2 diffuser tube which helps keep levels stable as much as i can with a diy system
Substrate 2 - 3mm fine gravel with Tetra Tetraplant Substrate
Parameters co2 20ppm sometimes rises but allways within a 10ppm level nitrates 10ppm
Fertilization once a week dose with iron and tetraplant plantamin
Plants various plants as you can see i have included some red ones to see if they fade or grow with these lights as red aquarium plants can tell you alot about light in your tank see what happens after one monthe they seem to be growing well and getting a darker red
Inhabitants tetras , siamese algea eaters
Comments like i say this is an experiment to see if these lights will work with a planted tank as led lights are so exspensive for aquariums any questions let me know and ill let you know how the tank is progressing thanks
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HI Just to keep people up to date with how the tank is doing with 4 x 10w led flood lights 6500k . the tank is looking really good but i have lost the red cabomba it was shedding so many fine leaves that i removed it but i thought i was pushing the lighting limits by having that plant as it is quite a light loving plant but the red ludwigia glandulosa is thriving really good red colouring i have just ordered a pressurised co2 system so i will let you know how it progresses and upload photos after a little more time thanks for those who are interested
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