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User Xscreamist
Size 75 Gallons
Date Started September 17, 2012
Lighting T5 HO 5000 56W 46", T5 HO 6500 56W 46", T5 HO 6500 28W 24",
Equipment Fluval U3 internal filter, NEXX external filter, UV filter, 100W heater,
CO2 CO2 30 ppm
Substrate Aquadurt substrate, Play sand
Parameters PH 6.4, Temperature 76 deg.
Fertilization Flourish liquid fertilizers
Plants Green Rotala, Riccia , Crystalwort, Lace Java Fern, Glosso, Dwarf Hairgrass, Chain Sword, Japanese Cress, Dwarf Bacopa,
Inhabitants Ghost shrimp, Otocinclis, Cherry Barbs, Snails,
Comments 1 hour direct sunlight a day.
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I like the triangular shape of the rocks.
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