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User Coldnorthtoy
Size 5.5 Gallon
Date Started July 2012
Lighting 6500K 13W CFL in a clamp light dome resting on top of the grate lid.
Equipment Elite Sponge filter, mostly to move the water about.
CO2 No supplemental C02.
Substrate ~1" Miracle Gro Organic Potting Soil, ~1/2" play sand (with pool filter sand 'river'), a few interesting rocks.
Parameters Dunno, but the Glass Shrimp are breeding like crazy.
Fertilization Shrimp food and shrimp poop.
Plants A bunch of Java Fern, some Round Leaf Anubias, a wee bit of micro sword, a bunch of lilly-pad-looking things, and something magical that appeared on its own.
Inhabitants Originally five Glass Shrimp, now about 10 or so, the youngest of which are still larvae as at Dec 2, 2012. A bazillion microorganisms.
Comments This was my second Walstad tank, and it currently resides in my office, on my desk. I love it. The Glass Shrimp are awesome, and I'm proud of the fact that I've been able to get them to reproduce - something that is apparently rather difficult.
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