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User Coldnorthtoy
Size 5.5 Gallon
Date Started May 2012
Lighting 6500K 13 Watt CFL.
Equipment Marina Slim S10 with no filter media just for water movement.
CO2 No supplementary CO2.
Substrate ~1.5" Miracle Gro Organix Potting Soil, ~1/2" pool filter (silica) sand, a few small rocks and a giant rock (relative to tank size, anyways).
Parameters Dunno. Everyone's happy, though.
Fertilization Extra food and fish poop.
Plants One banana plant, one amazon sword bunch, some micro sword, a bunch of bunches of some kind of crypt. A lot of algae - need more RCS, I think. Ya, I shoulda kept better track. I know.
Inhabitants Five ~1.5 year old White Cloud Mountain Minnows, and about 15 of their (~3 month old) offspring, which will hopefully soon be moved to a new tank. One male and one female Red Cherry shrimp. One female Amano shrimp - though I haven't seen her in a few weeks, so maybe not.
Comments This was my first Walstad tank. I love the method, both in terms of setting it up and in its near lack of maintenance.
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