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User fishlady20
Size 75
Date Started july 1, 07
Lighting 48" Lifeglo 2 40 watt
Equipment eheim 2215, emperor 400 hob, 250 powerhead prefilter
CO2 not in place yet. but working on it
Substrate aquasoil, and paver sand
Parameters ph 7.2, soft
Fertilization none
Plants java moss, java fern, anubias nana, anubias coffalia, local pond plants, and others i don't know the name of were given to me
Inhabitants 3 peacock cichlids, 2 german rams, 1 kenyi
Comments i have just started this tank and i have such high hopes for it once i get the co2 in place, it is a work in progress
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Algae Grower
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You have a very nice start. However, HOB filters are not good for planted tanks with CO2 injection as it will aid in the CO2 being released - canister filter is better. The Hagen LifeGlo bulbs are not a very good plant light. You could do a lot better for way less money.
Mark F.
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I'd also make sure that none of your locally-harvested plants are hydrilla (hard to tell for sure from this photo, but it looks like some of it could be) - it's an invasive that's classified as illegal for possession throughout most of the U.S. and Europe. I had thought to collect some from a nearby canal, for a tank of mine - but my local natural resources administration wasn't impressed with the argument that I would be REMOVING an invasive, and urged me to destroy any hydrilla that might happen to already be in my possession (they actually suggested burning it, even though I reassured them that I hadn't collected any yet!). Hopefully, that hydrilla-looking plant in your tank is just elodea (aka anachris) - or, if you're lucky, one of the less commonly traded Ludwigia species. All this said, I concur that it's a nice-looking tank!
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