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User Rexthecrayfish
Size 10 Gallon
Date Started 6/21/12
Lighting Marineland LED/Blue LED
Equipment Thermometer, heater
CO2 None (may start flourish excel soon)
Substrate gravel
Parameters PH 7.5
Fertilization Flourish
Plants 3 Anubias nana 1 El Nino fern alot of wisteria
Inhabitants 2 crays (oranectes propinquus) 9 or so ghost shrimp 6 White cloud mountain minnows 1 gold gourami a bunch of great ramshorn snails 2 assasin snails 2 khuli loaches 1 pleco
Comments Really love how this tank came together after alot of work over alot of time
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Planted Tank Obsessed
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Like the use of rocks and driftwood; makes it look kind of like a mountain lake somewhere. Would like to see a picture update
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