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User BoostCow
Size 15g Column
Date Started September, 2012
Lighting 2x Finnex Fugeray 10" daylight LED. 8 hour light cycle.
Equipment Aqueon HOB 10g filter. Finnex 50w heater.
CO2 Ista 45g CO2 system with included bubble counter and diffuser.
Substrate Laterite(bottom), MG organic potting soil, Eco-complete to cap it off.
Parameters 78-80F
Fertilization Currently just using Seachem Flourish 3x weekly dosing. (still fine tuning this part), and root tabs for the root feeders.
Plants Red Ludwegia, Java fern, red and green Wendtii, scarlet temple, and a few stems of anacharis elodea and one Anubias nana.
Inhabitants Otocinclus, Ghost shrimp, Blue Rams, Dwarf aquatic frogs.
Comments Check out my videos of the setup and update on youtube. Setup video: Update video:
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Looks great! Really reminds me of my tank. Nice job!
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Thanks for the comment! This tank is really a experiment of sorts.. It has been working well. But still trying to get the ferts right.
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