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User Milkman
Size 200L
Date Started 11th December 2011
Lighting 2 x 30W T8 tubes
Equipment Eheim 2217 External Filter ProTemp 200W Heater Eheim 200 Air Pump
CO2 EasyCarbo 4ml Daily
Substrate Tropica Plant Substrate Plain Fine Gravel
Parameters Good!
Fertilization 20ml Chelated Micronutrients (3x Weekly)
Plants Staurogyne Repens Sagittaria (Dwaf, Subulata) Anubias (Nana, Bonsai) Vallisneria Nana Java Fern Marimo Moss Flame Moss
Inhabitants 6 x Black Phantom Tetra 9 x Neon Tetra 1 x Bolivian Ram 3 x Otocinclus 4 x Amano Shrimp 1 Zebra Nerite Snail
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Algae Grower
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Beautiful tank, very nicely done, really like it. It's simplistic yet very refined, I would love it just that way if it were mines. Can I ask how does your tank/inhabitants react to EasyCarbo, been reading some negative reviews on it. And what type of wood is that? Rev
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