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User Allentan97
Size 55
Date Started 8/24/12
Lighting odyssea 48 T5Ho quad 212 watts
Equipment fluval 205, emperor 280, visi-therm heater (200 watt)
CO2 milwauke ma957 regulator 20lb co2 tank generic diffuser
Substrate layer of flourite and eco complete
Parameters ammonia nitrite nitrate 0 ph 6.4
Fertilization EI macro micro and calcium nitrate
Plants dwarf sag, lilaeopsis, amazon sword, broad and narrow leaf ludwigia, and ovalis, giant val, hygro corymbosa, bacopa caroliniana, red and green tiger lotus, water lettuce, frogbit,fissidens, anubias nana petite, needleleaf java and regular, java moss, bolbitus,
Inhabitants 3 silver angles, 6 checkerboar cichlids, 3 dainty cory, 1 guppy, few cherry shrimp
Comments give me ideas to name this scape!! :)
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