ronaldvalente 75 Gallon - Your Tanks
User ronaldvalente
Size 75 Gallon
Date Started 10/5/2011
Lighting 48" Freshwater Planted LED from
Equipment 2x 2217 Eheim Classic Canister Filters 1x JBJ 1600 GPH Circulation Pump
CO2 GLA Primo Regulator GLA Atomic Inline Diffuser 5lb Pressurized System
Substrate Eco-Complete
Fertilization Apex Jr. Controller Automated Fertilizer using Aqua Lifter pump.
Plants Anubias Sword Crypts Eleocharis
Inhabitants 2x Gouramis 7x Clown Loaches 2x Neon Cardinals 3x Angelfish 2x Corydoras 2x Gold Barbs
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