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User carolsmith7878
Size 5 Gallons
Date Started July 2012
Lighting Home Depot $20 full spectrum lamp
Equipment Tetra 5 Gallon Crescent tank, Modified sponge filter (airstone, fluval sponge, rigid tubing, air pump), heater
CO2 Seachem Excel every other day or so at 1ml
Substrate Eco Complete, flourish tabs
Parameters Don't know, change 25% water every week or so. Started with plants for a month, then added fish and shrimp after copepods and seed shrimp were present. Fish and shrimp thriving.
Fertilization Seachem line at recommended dosage every other day or so.
Plants Didn't keep track of them all as purchased. Some unidentified... if you know them feel free to ID them. :-)
Inhabitants 4 female, 1 male celestial pearl danios. Lots of cherry shrimp and their babies. Pond snails and malaysian trumpet snails. The usual freshwater organisms.
Comments I live near the Ozarks in MO. We have well water.
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This Tank is still growing in. I live in the middle of nowhere in the Ozarks, and the only foreground plants I could get were half dead when I purchased. I have been slowly growing them in from a few sparse plantlets that I put down with tweezers. Yeah, it took a while! lol The background plants were purchased a month later and they too were few and far between. I just keep growing, trimming, and replanting 'til it looks the way I like it. ;-)
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I gotta ask, where is this tank? From an artistic perspective, it's an AWESOME photo.
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