Kaerey 92 gallons - Your Tanks
User Kaerey
Size 92 gallons
Date Started 11/10/2012
Lighting Aqueon Modular 36" LED - 2 x Day Bright - 1 x Colormax Coralife 24" Dual T5 - Daylight - Colormax
CO2 None
Substrate 30 lbs Used Flourite Red base layer in back 80 lbs Eco Complete
Plants Anubias, swords, and other random things I thought were pretty.
Inhabitants 7 Silver Hatchet Fish 5 Tiger Barbs 5 Denisonii Barbs (Roseline Sharks) (3 adults, 2 new babies $4.99 at Petsmart!!!) 4 Petricola Catfish 2 Dwarf Gourami 2 Spotted Pictus Catfish 2 Hillstream Loach Leopard Ctenopoma Chocolate Gourami (he's soo little, smallest thing in the tank right now) Angel Pleco Candy Stripe Pleco Red Tailed Shark Penguin Tetra
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