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User chevyguy8893
Size 29 Gallon Hex Tank
Date Started 9/2012 (previously established for 1 year)
Lighting 14" T-8 Aqueon full spectrum
Equipment Whisper 40-60, Fluval M150, aerated from the bottom 24/7
Substrate Fairmount Aquaquartz pool filter sand
Parameters 0 ppm ammonia and nitrites, 0-5 ppm nitrates
Fertilization API LeafZone and Flourish comprehensive
Plants Water wisteria (8), java moss, and ever growing hornwort
Inhabitants 1 medium gold vieltail angelfish, 10 harlequin rasboras
Comments Peat filtered and low flow rate for a somewhat blackwater setup
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Algae Grower
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nice wisteria man that will look good when it gets taller. you should put in some more smaller driftwood and attach some anubias or moss to it. that would look sweet.
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