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User chevyguy8893
Size 20 Gallon high
Date Started August 2012
Lighting AquaticLife dual 48 watt T5HO ZooMed Florasun and Ultrasun 8 hour photoperiod
Equipment Aquaclear 20 and 50, Aqueon Pro 100
CO2 Milwaukee MA957 regulator, 5 lb tank, Fluval 88g diffuser (temporary)
Substrate Fairmount Aquaquartz pool filter sand
Parameters 0 ppm ammonia and nitrites, 5 ppm nitrates, pH: 7.4, GH: 4 dH, KH: 11 dH, CO2: 20-30 ppm, 78 F
Fertilization API LeafZone and Flourish Comprehensive, switching to EI dosing
Plants 8 stems of purple cabomba, 3 alternanthera reineckii "cardinalis", 8 chain swords (E. Bolivianus), 9 stems rotala rotundifolia, 3 various small amazon swords, java moss wall, 5 stems limnophilia aromatica, riccia (regular and dwarf), 2 banana plants, and brazilian pennywort floating
Inhabitants 6 neon tetras, 6 kuhli loaches (3 striped and 3 black), 1 small female GBR
Comments All of the plants, except amazon swords, and CO2 will be moved to a new 29 gallon with a 20 L sump.
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