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User jimbodw07
Size 10 Gallons standard
Date Started 03/06/2010
Lighting Single 15 watt T8 bulb. 1.5 watts per gallon.
Equipment Aquaclear 20G filter Lighting fixture 50 watt heater
CO2 None.
Substrate Flourite with organic soil.
Fertilization None. Soil provides it.:-)
Plants 2 Crypts Wend. 2 Anubias tall and dwarf.
Inhabitants 2. Silver Tip Tetras 2. Red Minor Serpae Tetra 1 Red Platy (had it since it was a fry!) 2. Cherry Barbs
Comments My first planted tank with soil substrate. The plants are receiving low light; however, because of the nutrient rich substrate, the plants are in good health.
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