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User LyzzaRyzz
Size 50 gallons - 48 inches long
Date Started Spring 2012
Lighting two 36 inch t8 6500k
Equipment Aquaclear 70, aquaclea 20, 75 gallon heater
CO2 Nope
Substrate Play sand 1-2.5 inches, need to wash more!
Fertilization Flourish Comprehensive Supplements - 1 cap full after water changes
Plants Amazon sword, two smaller swords, caboma green, anacharis, parrots feather, water sprite, corkskrew vals, onion plants,
Inhabitants 1 betta, 12 guppies, 11 cories [four albino, three spotted, three emerald] nine cherry barbs, bristlenose pleco, rubbernose pleco, three apple snails, a few ghost shrimp
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Nice Tank I had issues with the play sand and ended up switching to pool filter sand because the play sand was so fine it kept clouding up my water. Good luck
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