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User Intelik808
Size 30cm x 30cm x 30cm
Date Started Oct 2012
Lighting 1x Ecoxotic Freshwater module 8hrs a day. 4" above water surface 14" above substrate.
Equipment Ehiem 2213 Homemade acrylic spray bar and intake.
CO2 1.5lb Co2 tank nano diffuser @1 Bps.
Substrate ADA New amazonian
Parameters PH 6.4 DGH 10 DKH 2 Temp 80-82
Fertilization None for about 2 more mo.
Plants Mini Bolbitis Willow moss Java fern Lilaeopsis Tripfolia Cryptocoryne Lucens
Inhabitants 5x Mosaic Snakeskin guppyies 1x Calico Pleco 2x otto basic opae (feeder shrimp)
Comments Third Week so far no trimming done yet but the willow moss is growing really fast and the tripfolia is starting to reach the top.
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