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User vanadium
Size 100x30x40cm
Date Started 1st July 2012
Lighting 2x 23w CFL Philips Tornado 6500°K
Equipment Dennerle Nano Eck filter Rena 100w submersible heater
CO2 None
Substrate Organic potting soil JBL Manado
Parameters KH 8 GH 10 pH 7.5 NO2 / NO3 0
Fertilization None
Plants Anubia nana Anubia barteri Pogostemon Helferi Vallisneria Gigantea Christmass moss Cryptocoryne wendtii
Inhabitants 5 male guppies 100 red cherry shrimps 10 Caridina Japonica shrimps
Profile Views 865
Algae Grower
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Wonderful! I love the anubias and Christmas moss and the guppies as well. Trim the moss a bit and it will look like a valley in there. Nice balance.
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