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Size I think it's about 50 gallons....
Date Started Feb 2006
Lighting Two RENA double 36" lights (model IP 44?)
Equipment Rena Filstar external filter (model number to follow) Two airpumps (one split to feed two airstones) One miniature castle with red turrets.(!)
Plants err mostly green. From the plant db, I think the following are among my plants: Tropical Hornwort or Colombia Fanwort (bought from the local store because the fish seem to like the taste) Creeping Jenny Some amazon swords, though they are small new shoots, as the main (old) leaves died almost immediately....
Inhabitants Two 3-spot gouramis, one dwarf blue gourami, two red rams, two kribensis, 4 redeye tetras(?), two lemon tetras, two orange tetras, two neons, one peppered cory (I think), one orange mollie. I think that's it
Comments This is an inherited setup, as an ex-colleague of mine was emigrating and I took it over. It's been in place for approximately 18 months now and after some early fish losses (probably down to poor cleaning to be honest, tho the filter was keeping the nitrite and ammonia levels under control) it seems to be stabilising now.
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