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User Matt1977
Size Fluval Edge 46 Litres
Date Started 31 Oct 2012
Lighting Standard Fluval Edge LED light
Equipment Standard Fluval Edge HOB Filter (AC20)
CO2 Nil.
Substrate Coral Sand
Parameters 31 0ct 2012 Temp: 28C Ph: 7 Ammonia: 0 Nitrate:0 Nitrite: 2-3 ish ppm (low enough) 1 November 2012 (mini-cycle) Temp: 28C Ph: 7.5 ammonia: .03 nitrite: .02 Nitrates: 10
Fertilization Flourish Tabs (under substrate) Flourish Carbon - Daily
Plants Hygrophila corymbosa Anubias nana Echinodorus amazonicus Anubias barteri Cryptocory​ne wendtii tropica Banana Lily Micro-Sword Grass
Inhabitants 1 Male Betta 6 Cloud minnows 8 Cardinals
Comments This Fluval Edge replaces my previous Nano 50 litre Cube.
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Amandas tank
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Oh my goodness what a beautiful space! I love this. The tank, white substrate, the lighting, the plants and then the Vase to the left...Incredible! And to top it off, I do believe that is a photo of Marilyn Monroe. Very nice.
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