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User kruzerman
Size 37 Gallon
Date Started March 2012
Lighting 2 10 Brooder Clamp Lights from Home Depot with 23W 6500K CFLs and 1 5.5 Clamp light with blue CFL for a "moonlight"
Equipment Aqueon 37 Gallon tank 30x12x22 Fluval 304 Top Fin 40 HOB A heater that keeps it at a comfortable 75 d
CO2 DIY. 2 Half Gallon Ocean Spray bottles with Jello Mix using Champagne Yeast
Substrate 1.5 Inches Flourite 1.5 Inches Play Sand
Fertilization EI Macros Su-Tu-Th Micros M-W-F
Plants Water Wisteria Lace Java Fern Anubias Amazon Sword Crypts, Lutea & Wendtii Bacopa Monnieri Ludwigia Repens Sag DHG Limnophila Repens "mini" Ludwigia Sp "Cuba" Limnophila Aromatica BGA (does it count?)
Inhabitants 8 White Cloud Mountain Minnow 7 Rummynose Tetras 6 Cardinal Tetras 2 Bolivian Rams 4 Otos 1 Clown Pleco 10ish Ghost Shrimp 1 Ramshorn (I think) Pond Snails
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I really like this. I have a 37 and it being so tall it can be a challenge to keep the top from looking barren, but you have solved that issue.
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