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User karl wagner
Size 60g
Date Started april 2012
Lighting 2 t8 fluorescent
Equipment Circulatory in tank mechanical filter, in top wet/dry redundancy filter. 2 small heaters
CO2 CO2 cylinder with diffuser bell.
Substrate gravel
Parameters 25C,
Fertilization kept fish for first 6 months with no CO2 and minimal plants to enable the bed to be nutrient rich. Will need to start fert. now that CO2 added and focus changed to plants.
Plants ammania gracilis, red rotala, amazon swords, anubias barteri and nana, lots of others too.
Inhabitants 30 neons, 15 fantail guppies, 4 crystal shrimp (might still be in there somewhere, I see 2 of them from time to time) , 1 clown loach,
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