Intelik808 60x30x36 - Your Tanks
User Intelik808
Size 60x30x36
Date Started July 2012
Lighting 110W PC 6500k & 10,000k 8hrs a day Update: 11/2/12 New Lighting 2x 24" Finnex ray2 Double 7000k 8hrs a day
Equipment Ehiem 2215 Lily Pipes 2x drop checkers
CO2 5lb tank nano Diffuser 2/3bps 6hrs a day
Substrate Ada New Amazonia
Parameters PH 6.4 Gh 8 Kh 2 avg temp 77.6
Fertilization N,P,K,CSM+B Light E.I. half dose Pferts root tabs
Plants Anubias nana peite Tripfolia Glossostigma Dawrf Hair Grass Fissidens Java fern Trident java fern Needleleaf Mini Peilia Flame Moss Christmas Moss Rose Moss Mini Bolbitis
Inhabitants Rummy Nose tetras x11 Cardinal Tetras x 6 Black Phatom Tetra x2 Otto x3 Rili shrimp to many to count CRS/CBS apox 10+
Comments Misc plants in here for another tank im building
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Planted Member
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Nice tank! It's a jungle in there
Algae Grower
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yay hillstream loaches. nice tank too :P
Algae Grower
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amazing depth. love what you did with the rocks. Sorry for the noob question but why the half dose of ferts?
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Nice, how much often must you trim?
Algae Grower
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@howard: actually im only dosing half of the recommend e.i. im trying to increase my CRS/CBS population then prob gonna go back. @micheljq: I only trimmed the glosso and Rotola twice so far. but i do prune some of the needle leaf and trident java fern to try and make them more full looking.
el Caspar
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Your tank is so nice, I'm slightly unhappy it's beside mine lol Beautiful mix of plants. You certainly have an eye for design
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