el Caspar 29G - Your Tanks
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User el Caspar
Size 29G
Date Started September 8 2012
Lighting Coral life T5 x 2 10000+actinic 31w each
Equipment Eheim 350 canister filter Maxi Jet 400 powerhead Aqueon Pro 150w submersible heater air pump w stone
CO2 DIY 2 bottle rotation injector w bubble counter
Substrate Eco-Complete capped with small gravel
Parameters ph 6.8 amm 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5-10ppm
Fertilization Flourish Root tabs Flourish Comprehensive Iron supp
Plants Vals hygrophila difformis crypts ludwigia repens water wisteria
Inhabitants 3 Three-spot gouramis 3 Panda corys 3 Oto cats 5 rasboras
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