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User jmsaltfish797
Size 55 gallons
Date Started early february 2012
Lighting twin fixture 96 watt power compacts. one 50/50 actinic/10000 k bulb and one 6500 k daylight bulb for a full grow spectrum.
Equipment diy 15 gallon sump with bio balls, 300 gph return pump with overflow box, and a 200 watt heater.
CO2 diy yeast co2 reactor
Substrate beach sand and pea gravel laid in seperate areas to create a more natural look.
Parameters temp 80 degrees, ph 6.5, gh 3 ppm, everything else is at zero.
Fertilization co2 injection and tetra flora pride at half strength every other week.
Plants 2 amazon swords, one lotus, petite anubis on driftwood, several clumps of java fern and moss, one nano sword, and a ton of water sprite. just added a couple of crypts too.
Inhabitants a breeding pair of angels, a small school of assorted tetras ( black skirts, red serpa minors, and harlequin rasboras),two albino cory cats, one bristlenose pleco, two small clown loaches, and one obnoxious little veil tail betta.
Comments sadly this tank is no more :(. had to downgrade to a 20 long.
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Slightly dark but yet calm and nocturnal. I love that it has an air of mystery about it!
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