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User Tee Hee xD
Size 2.5
Date Started 10/25/2012
Lighting Some lamp from Home Depot
Equipment AZOO Mignon Filter 60, 50W Aquarium Heater
Substrate Started with gravel and then switched to black flourite
Fertilization Flourish tabs from Seachem
Plants Marimo, Java Moss, Taiwanese Moss, Anubias Petite Nana, Anubias Barteri, Some Crypt, Lutea, Cabomba, Baby Tears, Rotala Indica, Water Sprite, Riccia, Duckweed, Frogbit
Inhabitants Male VT Betta and Malaysian Trumpet Snails
Comments First planted tank.
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el Caspar
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If you haven't started yet, you may want to consider a substrate without an epoxy and something in the 3mm to 8mm range. Like a natural gravel or sand maybe? Just a suggestion because I know that big gravel can cause root rot and it's harder for roots to draw minerals from the substrate. A friend of mine caught me at the last minute, hope this helps. And good luck.
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I'm sure ur Beta would like it more than u would've xpexted him to do..!
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