margojnab 14 gallons - Your Tanks
User margojnab
Size 14 gallons
Date Started 2010?
Lighting 15 watt full spectrum that came with the tank.
Equipment Filter and heater
CO2 None
Substrate Natural colored gravel
Parameters Don't know, except that I have very hard (pH 8?) well buffered well water. pH down has NO effect, so I'm trying to adapt my inhabitants to my water.
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Excel 3x per week.
Plants Just getting started, but I have: Java moss, some frogbit, and a 4 leaf clover plant(thanks,afishpond!)
Inhabitants 1 beautiful male Betta splendens
Comments I did have a couple of angels, but they got too big, so I traded them to my LFS for some ghost shrimp and the aforementioned Betta. I really like to feed mosquito larvae thru the summer,but it makes the fish grow almost too fast!
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This is definitely a "Before" picture! The java fern looks good, and I have a few crypts starting to come back to life on the left. The dead looking wad in the front center is Christmas moss. Evidently it didn't enjoy 2 weeks in a shipping mailer. I'll wait and see whether or not it will rejuvenate itself. Will Christmas Moss live in a low light tank? My Betta is in the front lower right; I'll post a better picture.
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