Pro68camaro 15 gal - Your Tanks
User Pro68camaro
Size 15 gal
Date Started 9/01/12
Lighting Coralife 24"t8 t5 48 watt
Equipment Hydor 25 watt heater, aquen 10 hob filter, hydor nano powerhead
CO2 Diy sugar and yeast based. 1 bubble per second
Substrate Miracle grow organic dirt topped with sand and gravel mixed.
Parameters N/a
Fertilization None
Plants Java fern,anubias,gaint crypt,amazon sword,tiger lotus(just sprouted), ludwigea,etc
Inhabitants Neons,rasboras,angels,rummy nose,crowntail beta, ghost shrimp, common pleco
Comments None
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Beautiful tank! Does your pleco eat or make it hard to keep him in your planted tank? I have a large 7" pleco that I'm wondering if I should move him before adding more plants.
Algae Grower
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I love the gravel layers and colors. I wondered if sand and gravel mixed would look good. Now I know they do!
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