Silmarwen 2G - Your Tanks
User Silmarwen
Size 2G
Date Started 17 October 2012
Lighting CFL Desk lamp
Equipment None
CO2 None
Substrate Colored aquarium gravel
Fertilization None
Plants Anacharis, Water Fern (Bolbitas Heteroclita), Marimo ball, occasional pothos leaf for him to blow bubbles at.
Inhabitants 1 Betta, 1 pond snail
Comments DEFUNCT TANK Noted for posterity: Phasing this tank out in favor of the 2.5g upgrade that is currently filling in with plants for Pearlicus. Pearlicus was moved to the 2.5, where he lived several pleasant years before the Roommate Disaster
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Cute for a temp home! He does need a little filter and heater. :)
Algae Grower
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Cute home for some neons and shrimp. I like the blue gravel.
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