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Size L 120cm / D 60cm / W 50cm
Date Started May 2007
Lighting 4x30w tubes, 3 LEDs. All on timers to simulate sun up/down and prevent photo-shock.
Equipment JBL CO2, 2xRena XP3, Vecton UVC, Rena Core heater cable, Rena 200w immersion heater. Filter 'A' runs LOADS of bio media and peat, filter 'B' runs chemical filtration and some more bio media.
CO2 Scrapped the JBL bottle and went back to a pair of Hagon DIY type canisters.
Substrate Thoroughly washed fine gravel.
Parameters PH 6.8, KH 10, GH 13, NO2/3 zero.
Fertilization Nutrifin Plant Sticks and Plant Gro liquid fertilizer.
Plants Lots.....
Inhabitants 7 Discus, 4 Bolivian Ram, 8 Rummy nose and 21 X-ray tetra, 2 Bristlenose plec.
Comments Set up this tank to rehome my Discus (were split between 2 tanks)so money is flying out and patience is wearing thin. I seeded it with bio media and peat from my community tank. Water is all RO. H2O changes are 10% twice weekly along with filter clean.
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