Grunt 42gal / 160L - Your Tanks
User Grunt
Size 42gal / 160L
Date Started July 2012
Lighting 1 x 8w HPLED AA Aquariums (blue+white) 1 x 8W HPLED AA Aquariums (white)
Equipment Blue Planet integrated overhead 3 stage filter Fine Pad -> Coarse Pad -> Fluval biomax (most of the filterbox) -> Aquamaxx Ultramaxx AIO
Substrate For plants (type unknown but commercially purchased)
Parameters pH 6.8 (but keeps tanking!) KH 0 (help!) GH 5 Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate = 0/0/40ppm
Fertilization Flourish XL weekly
Plants 2 x Anubias (doing well) 1 x Amazon Sword 1 x Dwarf creeping Amazon Sword 1 x Java Fern Multi - Lace Fern, Pink Ladys Tear, Hygrophillia
Inhabitants 2 x Lace Gourami 1 x blue 3-spot Gourami 15 x Neon Tetra 3 x Rummy Nose Tetra 6 x Congo Tetra 4 x Zebra Danio 3 x Chinese Algae Easter
Comments Large Driftwood, Large Grapevine Aeration via filerbox venturi (not that good) No CO2 yet
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