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Size 20 US Gallons
Date Started 08/01/2012
Lighting 20W All Glass Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp Fixture, Hagen 24" 20W Life-Glo 2 Fluorescent Bulb, 8 Hours/Day: 0600-1000,1600-2000. 20 - 25 micromol PAR.
Equipment Eheim 2234 Ecco Canister Filter, Eheim 50W Jager Heater, Eheim 2206 Aquaball Powerhead
CO2 None
Substrate 3/4 inch cracked granite sand
Parameters 10% water change every 72 hours, 75 F
Fertilization Crushed Eggshells, Flourish Root Tabs, Osmocote Indoor/Outdoor Plant Food
Plants Cryptocoryne parva, Echinodorus amazonicus, Microsorum pteropus, Anubias nana, Anubias minima, Anubias hastifolia, Vesicularia dubyana, Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae
Inhabitants Corydoras aeneus, Tanichthys albonubes, Pangio kuhlii, Melanoides tuberculata, Caridina multidentata, Macrotocinclus affinis
Comments Aqueon 20 Long, Oak Trim.
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