thesawguy 38 gallon - Your Tanks
User thesawguy
Size 38 gallon
Date Started September 2012
Lighting Oddysea dual T5 6,500 K
Equipment Eheim 2215 Hydor 200W inline heater
CO2 GLA Choice regulator 5 lb tank
Substrate 80 lbs of eco complete
Fertilization PPS-Pro
Plants Rotala indica Limnophila aromatica Filigree Frill African Onion Plant Pogostemon erectus Baby Tears Staurogyne repens Ludwigia red Myrio mattogrensses Myrio terbuculatum Ludwigia ovalis Ludwigia peruensis
Inhabitants Panda Cory X3 Sterbai Cory X2 Ambrocius Cory X2 Silver Hatchet fish X1 Orange Australe Killi X2 Lantern Eyed Killi X1 Rummynose Tetra X14 Gold Ram X2 Electric Blue Ram X1 Keyhole Chiclid X1 Gold White Cloud X2 Amano shrimp X4 Ottocinclus catfish X3
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All of the rocks are in just the right places. Love it!
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