Bubba Shrimp 36 gallon - Your Tanks
User Bubba Shrimp
Size 36 gallon
Date Started September 2012
Lighting T5 HO Freshwater 2x 39w
Equipment eheim 2213 w/ prefilter sponge Malaysian Drift Wood, Mopani Drift Wood, Bow River Rocks
Substrate Flourite Dark
Fertilization FloraPride
Plants Green Camboba, Cryptocoryne Moehlmanni (Moehlmanni Crypt), Cryptocoryne Usteriana (Usteriana) Cherry Hedge Java Moss
Inhabitants 10Amano Shrimp 1 Bamboo Shrimp Ramshorn snails 2 Blue Tetras 7 Giant Danio's 4 Hatchet Danio's 4 Moustached Danio's 3 Jumbo Green Cory Cats 3 Calico BN Plecos
Comments Solid Maple Hutch
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