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User k2x5
Size 55g
Date Started Quite a while ago
Lighting 2 x 2-Bulb T8 Shop Lights (32W each bulb - 3 bulbs in) on 9hr Photo-period
Equipment Rena XP3, custom pre-filter, 300W Heater
CO2 Pressurized 10pound tank w/Milwaukee MA957
Substrate Eco-Complete (3 Bags), plus some larger rocks
Fertilization EI with 50% WC on Sundays
Plants Glosso, Anubias barteri var nana, Echinodorus amazonicus, Java Fern, Windelov fern, star grass.
Inhabitants 6 x Serpae Tetras, 6 x Penguin Tetras, 1 x Female Guppy, 1 x Cardinal Tetra, 1 x Yoyo Loach, 8 x Amano Shrimp
Comments I dislike algae...
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your tanks algae looks similar to what I'm dealing with. If you figure it out let me know lol
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