Ponson416 29 gallon - Your Tanks
User Ponson416
Size 29 gallon
Date Started June 2012
Lighting T8 full spectrum (for now)
Equipment EHEIM 2213 canister filter; Fluval M150 heater; Tetra Whisper 40 air pump; GKM 9W UV sterilizer w/ power head.
Substrate Flourite; Top Fin brown gravel
Fertilization API Leaf Zone
Plants 1 Amazon Sword; 3 Anubius; 2 Water Wisteria
Inhabitants 4 Black Marble Angelfish; 2 Dwarf Gourami
Comments The cabinet is custom made by yours truly. It is the first piece of furniture I've ever built, and I must say I'm proud of my work. It came out much better than I expected,
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